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Trinity has a beautiful building complex

with many different spaces and rooms available to rent.

Contact the office

for more information, rates, and regulations.

Trinity Rental Spaces



This was renovated in 2000 to include more usable space suitable for concerts, theatre, and more. It accommodates up to 400 people.


Memory Hall

The church’s original worship space, Memory Hall is a large room of pillars, coves, a theatrical stage, stained glass, and wonderful acoustics. It accommodates up to 120 people depending on the setup. Wine and Beer usage is available with your own Liquor Permit and Smart Serve Bartender.


Fellowship Room

This comfortable, homey room accommodates 25 people and has access to a kitchenette.


Gymnasium/ Upper Assembly

This good sized and bright gym is suitable for sports, yoga, dance and more.


Lower Assembly

Up to 40 people can be accommodated in this space, which has access to a kitchenette.


Trinity has a large, professionally equipped kitchen.

Liability Insurance

It is an official policy of Trinity United Church that all groups using our facility promoting an activity not sponsored by our church members must provide us with a “Certificate of Liability Insurance”.


To find the premium for coverage please go to  and select ‘Get a Quote’ to begin the application process. Click on ‘Apply as New’, and then follow the step-by-step template to fill in the all the required details. Submit the application, pay online, and get a copy of the documents. There are ‘how-to’ tips on each page as well. If you have questions, call 1-888-755-5247 or send them via email to


United Church of Canada Congregate with confidence:  A church is more than simply a place of worship.  Often a vital community centre, its doors are open to the public.  While good faith that property will be respected and visitors safe is a given, insurance of community events provides added security.  Get coverage for your next event in less than 5 minutes, with proof of insurance downloadable immediately.



Facilities User and Group Convenant

Trinity United Church embraces the following Vision Statement as part of our commitment to working together towards justice for all of God’s people:


“We believe that all are part of God’s Creation. We affirm and embrace diversity and invite full participation by people of any gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, age, race and ethnicity, economic level, and physical and intellectual ability in all aspects of our ministry.”

We require all persons or groups using this facility to respect these same principles.

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