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The Trinity Board includes the chair of each of the following committees. Contact the office if you are interested in joining one of them. From time to time, additional committees or groups are formed as interests and needs arise.


Board of Trustees

This group manages some of the church’s finances related to bequests and other special sources of money.

Christian Education Committee - Marg Hipkin

The work of this committee relates to deepening our understanding of, and relationship to, God and each other. Church school, Learning Circles, Bible and other book studies are just a few of the activities they promote.

Congregational Life Committee - Sue Wetmore

Numerous ministries make up this committee including, among others: Cards of Caring, BASIC Comfort, Pastoral Care, phone ministry, fellowship times, kitchen management, volunteer driving, and the hosting of luncheons & funeral receptions.

Events Committee - Liz Probert

Fundraising while FUNraising is what this committee accomplishes through events like Trivia Nights, Lasagna dinners, baking and selling pies, and so much more.

Finance Committee - Janine Miranda

The Annual Budget and day-to-day management of finances comprise the work of this committee.

Ministry & Personnel Committee - Barb Tomlinson

The goal of this committee is to foster a positive work environment for all, which involves such things as up-dating job descriptions, regularly communicating with staff, and overseeing implementation of various United Church and Labour Board policies. 

Property Committee - Clarence McCloskey

The maintenance, upkeep, and care of Trinity’s grounds and building is the responsibility of this committee.

Regional Representatives

This person represents Trinity United at Horseshoe Falls Regional Council.

Social Action Committee - Anne Warwick

God calls the Social Action Committee to make the congregation aware of the needs of the local and broader communities, providing and encouraging ways of meeting some of those needs in concrete ways.

Worship Committee - Jill Linkert

Overseeing and supporting the worship services and other activities in the sanctuary is the responsibility of the Worship Committee.

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