Located in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

Trinity United Church in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada


Presently, Trinity’s “pop-up” Choir leads in the singing of congregational hymns and prepares special anthems once a month.  The music leader will inform those interested in singing with the choir, which Sunday the choir will lead worship music and when the two practices will be scheduled.  All those who are able will appear at the practice(s) and the scheduled Sunday.  This means the choir commitment is short and enables a variety of people to participate.

The choiristers have a visible love for music in the church which they uphold with their ministry here at Trinity.  Choir members are enjoying these ‘pockets’ of practices and commitments and the size of the choir has grown to over 20 voices.  Contact the church office for times.

Practices are relaxed and we share in the fun and laughter of learning new music.  If you enjoy singing, you are welcome join in as your time permits.

This picture is a mid March practice.  Apparently Trinity is full of snowbirds who have flown to some warm climate south of the border.  These hearty souls will lift their voices in song the next Sunday.