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Trinity endeavours to be a truly welcoming Christian community. We offer opportunities for folks of all ages to intentionally deepen their faith through diverse worship experiences, study groups, education programs and service opportunities which are inspiring, insightful and inclusive. We actively seek justice within our community and beyond. Come… visit us!

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Sunday Worship @ 10:30 a.m. (July & August @ 9:30 a.m.)
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OUR PULPIT IS EMPTY. If you think that you might want to fill it, wander around our website and then please click the button below for our JNAC report.

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November 11 – Remembrance Day

The Last Post – played so beautifully, with deep passion,  by Ashley Ferns LIGHTING THE CHRIST CANDLE by James Traquair, Gathering, Pentecost 2 2017 One: We light the Christ candle. All: The Christ candle reminds us that the light of Christ shines on the road to peace and illuminates our most difficult hours. One: We light the…