Located in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

Trinity United Church in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

Ushers & Greeters

Enthusiastic volunteers will greet you as you enter our worship space on Sunday mornings. They will shake your hand, smile and make you feel welcome.

The ushers will probably welcome you as well and ask how you are. They may recognize you as a new face and ask where you are from. They ask because they want you to feel you are among friends and are a valued child of God.

The usher will provide you with a bulletin containing the service outline and upcoming events. The usher will accompany you to your seat and answer any questions you may have.

Welcoming Teams Communication – A New Initiative beginning in January 2018

Volunteers are a key component of Sunday worship services. For example, every week volunteers act as ushers, greeters, serve tea and coffee and every month volunteers help to serve communion.  Currently different people search for these three sets of volunteers, often with some difficulty, and there is no guarantee that everyone is offered an opportunity to be a volunteer or that the same person is not asked to do more than one task on a given Sunday.

Welcoming Teams consist of two team leaders and roughly ten team members and, together for one month of the year, will be ushers and greeters, serve tea and coffee, and help to serve communion.

Team leaders work with their team members to ensure that the work is divided in a manner that respects preferences and aptitudes. There is flexibility for both leaders and members to be away for one or two Sundays during their assigned month.

There is a coordinator for the teams and resource people for questions about ushers and greeters, tea and coffee, and communion. Team leaders receive written instructions and training.

This approach should make the tasks easier as more people participate. The names of team leaders and members were taken from the church’s database.

Our hope is that everyone will participate in our Welcoming Teams and will say ‘yes’ when contacted. Those who wish to decline only need to ask to be removed from the lists.  If the experiment is successful, then the approach will be used in subsequent years.