Church School

Bring your children and grandchildren to Church School at Trinity, starting early in  September.  Children in JK through high school are invited to join our Godly Play circle, listening to sacred stories, wondering, responding with writing, drawing, reading or creating with play dough, saying a prayer, and then having a feast and being blessed on their way.

Church School at Trinity uses for its curriculum Godly Play which has been around for several decades and is based on the Montessori method of teaching. The flow of Godly Play follows the flow of a worship service and a foundational understanding of Godly Play is the inherent spirituality of children. The children are encouraged to enter into the story and explore their own faith by being asked “I wonder…” questions. They are then asked to respond to the story in whatever way they choose – stories, play dough, drawings, etc.

The stories are told with the help of little wooden figures, pieces of felt, candles, or sand. As the children sit in a circle and watch the story unfold before them, they will learn about the sacred stories of our faith, the parables, and the liturgies of the church, such as baptism and communion.

All children and youth from JK through High School are welcome to join us in our sacred circle.

Our collection of Godly Play components is growing.  Books of the Bible, Jesus in Jerusalem, Parables of Parables and the scrolls for The Prophets have arrived to find their place in the coming year`s curriculum.