October 29 – Social Action Sunday

October 29 – Social Action Sunday

This morning we welcome WomEnchant Chorus to lead us in song and lift our voices in praise. WomEnchant Chorus & Drummers is a community ensemble with a feminist and social justice perspective.  We are committed to performing music that reflects our commitment to peace, equality and respect for all people and the Earth.

Our guest preacher today is Jarret Leaman.  Among other accomplishments, he was a recipient of the 2017 Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers and has been recognized as one of Huffington’s Post Young Aboriginal Canadians to Watch.  If you would like to learn more about Jarret, please follow the link to his website – www.jarretleaman.com

Using the audio clip, you will hear WomEnchant singing O Siem as well as Jarret Leaman’s reflection time.

Scripture Reading:    Matthew 22:34-40

A lunch after worship was provided by many willing heads and served in the sanctuary;  a time to mingle, a time to chat with members of WomEnchant as well as a time of questions and comments with Jarret Leaman.