November 5 – All Saints Sunday

November 5 – All Saints Sunday

Welcome to Trinity – to all those who remembered to turn their clocks back, and those who arrived an hour early.

We enjoyed musical leadership from Trinity’s choir, under the leadership of Don Miller.  Thank you also for the talents of our guests, Diane Jongerden, Caitlin Roos and Kendall Stone.

Prelude music consisted of “Down in the River” Traditional, “Near the Cross” by Fanny Crosby & W.H. Doane, 1869
“When He Cometh” by W. Cushing, 1856 and “Talk About Suffering Here Below” Traditional.

The Congregation was invited to write on the linen cloth, the names of their loved ones they hold deep in their hearts.  Later in the service, they lit a candle in their memory while partaking of communion.

SCRIPTURE    Matthew 5:1-12  was read by Gayle Schaming.

Other elements of the service may be heard on the links below…including music, communion and blessings.