Located in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

Trinity United Church in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

May 3 – Live Streaming

May 3 – Live Streaming

Here we are; another week closer to spending our time together in the physical sense. While we don’t know when that will be, I dream of who it is I might get to talk to in person first. To break bread with first. To have coffee with first. To hug first.

Join us for worship on Sunday morning at 10:30 on Facebook Live. https://www.facebook.com/groups/399658840088899/

Rev. Donalee Williams and Music Coordinator Kimberly Hanmer will be leading worship with the technical skills of William LeGood.

You can also Join Rev. Donalee on Facebook Live Wednesdays and Fridays at 1pm.
As well, Kimberly will be posting some beautiful music for you to enjoy on our Facebook page.
Please join Grimsby Trinity United Church on Facebook, and share as well!