May 19 – Fifty Sunday of Easter

May 19 – Fifty Sunday of Easter

Good morning on this beautiful long weekend in May.  The blossoms are in full bloom gracing our landscape with God’s spectacular colours.

SCRIPTURE John 13:31-35  and Acts 11:  1-18   read by Ron Pocklington


SERMON “At the Table” Rev. Donalee Williams

Our musicians this morning, Kimberly Hanmer and Lolly Pettigrew, have filled our hearts with music.  Hymns included:  “Primavera” by Ludovico Einaudi; ‘Let us Build a House’; ‘Spirit of the Living God’; “Romanesca op. 13/1” by Hans Sitt; ‘The Church is One Foundation’; “Romanesca op. 13/1” by Hans Sitt.

Link to hear “Romanesca op. 13/1” :