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Trinity United Church in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

March 24 – Third Sunday in Lent

March 24 – Third Sunday in Lent


Welcome to Trinity on this third Sunday of Lent and the beginning of Spring.  Today’s Lenten challenge is to pray for someone who has been unkind to you.

SCRIPTURE   Luke 13:  1-9 and Isaiah 55:  1-9   read by Jill Linkert

Robbie the Dragon visited with us again today;  we are getting to know Robbie and he is so cute.

REFLECTION     ‘The Feast’   by Rev. Donalee Williams

Music leadership was provided by Sophia – Denise Marshall, Jill Linkert, Marilyn O’Rourke & Joyce Reid.  Thanks also to Lolly Pettigrew and Judie Herbert for their help.  Music included:   ‘Take, O Take Me as I am’; ‘Kinder’;  ‘May I Suggest’;  ‘Called by Earth and Sky’;  ‘If Not Now’ (Carrie Underwood);  ‘I Heard the Voice of Jesus’;  ‘What Can I Do?”;  ‘Gathering of Spirits (Carrie Underwood);  “in the Bulb There is a Flower’;;  ‘Spirit Found Us’;  and ‘The River’ (Cocoa Love Alcorn).

To hear the special music, please click links below:

If Not Now – 

Gathering of Spirits –