June 3 – 50th Anniversary of Ordination

June 3 – 50th Anniversary of Ordination

This week we are celebrating Rev. Dr. Alan Minarcik’s 50th year since being Ordained into the Ministry.  Congratulations Alan!  What a wonderful milestone to be celebrating and we at Trinity are honoured to be the hosts of this celebration.

Trinity honours Alan and Claire on this celebration.  Please click on the link to enjoy memories shared, the acknowledgement of remarkable hands and presentation of the gift – wind chimes that play the first 4 notes of Amazing Grace (depending which way the wind is blowing).

Celebration Link:  

SCRIPTURE:     Jeremiah 1:4-10     Jill Linkert

HYMN   “Come Labor On” from the Presbyterian Hymnal #719 was sung by the congregation as a tribute since this hymn was sung at Alan’s ordination ceremony.

SCRIPTURE: Philippians 2:1-11

REFLECTION    “50?/50!”  by Rev. Dr. Alan Minarcik

Led by Ken Pettigrew, Alan re-affirmed his Ordination Vows

Music Leadership this morning was offered by Ron Pocklington on organ and piano;  and by Sophia.  Hymns included ‘We Have this Ministry’, ‘Amazing Grace’,   ‘Come Labour On’,  ‘The Pilgrimage Goes On’ (written by Alan Minarcik while driving along the 401) and ‘I Feel the Winds of God’.

Sophia shared music namely ‘How Could Anyone Ever Tell You’,  ‘ The River’,  We Bow Down’, ‘May I Suggest’ and ‘Somebody’s Out There Watching’.  Click on one of the links below (different formats)  to hear the favourite songs of The River and May I Suggest.  Enjoy!

The River and We Bow Down by Sophia June 3

May I Suggest by Sophia June 3