June 10 – Blessing of the Animals & Church Picnic

June 10 – Blessing of the Animals & Church Picnic

Trinity United Church Annual Picnic this Sunday June 10th

The Blessing of the Animals –   Bring your beloved Pet!

        Enjoy a Potluck Picnic Lunch.

Bring a main course or salad or dessert.  

Trinity will provide cold drinks

Bring your own chair, plates & cutlery

This service was held outdoors on our back lawn, under the shade of the trees or in the warmth of the sunshine or beside our labyrinth.  The weather was perfect, the animals well behaved – sort of, some of the time – and the worship meaningful.

Unfortunately we are unable to record the service for those of you who were unable to attend.

 CIRCLE OF PRAISE An adaptation of Psalm 148
One: Praise God in the heavens.
All: The stars, moon and the sun praise God.
The northern lights, the fluffy clouds, the fog
and the rainbows praise God.
One: Praise God on the mountain tops and in the tree tops.
All: The robins and sparrows, hummingbirds and herons,
swimming swans and soaring eagles!
All birds praise God with your song and your dance.
All butterflies and bats praise God with your flight.
One: Praise God in the city and in the countryside, in the park
and in the pasture.
All: All trees, bushes, and flowers; all dogs and cats,
large and small, all rabbits, hamsters, and
guinea pigs, all cows, horses, and donkeys,
praise God!
One: Praise God in the deep waters, and in the running rivers,
in the waves, the rapids and the still marshes.
All: All goldfish, guppies, dolphins and whales, crayfish
and starfish, all swimming creatures large and small,
praise God.
One: We join with all the creatures and all of this beauteous
Creation to praise God.
All: Hallelujah!

Thank you to Marg Hipkin or her musical leadership this morning.