April 9, 2017 – Palm Sunday

April 9, 2017 – Palm Sunday

Welcome to Palm Sunday @ Trinity.   A wonderful service with leadership shared by many and music filling the Sanctuary with song.

This was also a service thanking Rev. Dr. Alan Minarcik for his ministry, pastoral care and leadership over the past 9 weeks.  Easter Sunday will be Alan’s last worship leadership with Trinity.  Thank you Alan for all you MMJ (ministerial mo jo)

The three tracks below cover the whole service which runs as a story teller.  Please sit back and enjoy the continuity of this Palm Sunday, which ends with the Parade of the Palms (which unfortunately you won’t be able to see).


Authority: Who is that coming down the road on that ridiculous donkey? And why are the riff-raff of the town all shouting those crazy things about him? You would think he was a king!

Followers: He is a king!

Authority: Don‟t be absurd! I know a king when I see one. This fellow has „ordinary‟ written all over him. Look at this robe, homespun! Everything about him is as common as can be.

Followers: Have you looked into his eyes? Have you heard his words? Have you felt his healing touch? Why, they say he has even raised the dead!

Authority: Fools are always talking about such things. And there are none but fools here. Look at them! They smell of the sea and the marketplace and the field. Silly people!

Followers: But he calls them the ‘salt of the earth’, ‘light for the world’. He treats them the way God treats people, humbling them yet exalting them; lifting them into God’s holy presence.

Authority: You must be kidding! Look at this rabble. There‟s not one person of prominence here. Where are the political and religious leaders? Where are the scholars and intellectuals?

Followers: We don’t know. We only know that Jesus is prepared to go the limit for us. There are no bounds to his love and compassion.

Authority: Love, nothing! This whole business smacks of revolution! Jesus is as good as dead. Pontius Pilate will stop him in his tracks. Caesar‟s finest will cut him to ribbons and feed him to the dogs.

Followers: Why would they want to kill someone who is only building God’s new community through love? Authority: That‟s the way it is in this world… and the way it will always be. Mark my words: When the authorities get finished with this Jesus, his name will never be mentioned again!

Followers: (Standing) We have heard, that should he be killed, his name will roll from the throat of thunder, the very rocks will cry aloud. It will be whispered on the wind; every spring will sing it from the lowest valley to the highest hill; every bird, every flower will herald his name. For a thousand, thousand years he will be called, ‘Lord of Lords’ and ‘King of Kings’!