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Trinity United Church in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

Sophia, Resurrection Band & Ukuleles


Sophia is a group of three women – Denise, Jill and Joyce – who enjoy singing and harmonizing.  They provide a Sunday anthem periodically throughout the year and work to carry the theme of the service into their music.  The guitar accompaniment keeps the music simple yet filling.   Occasionally we have included drums and a little percussion.   No formal training is involved and they sing from their heart and souls and simply want to pass along the joy of singing.  Music can speak to us in many ways and the opportunity to share with others can be very fulfilling.


During COVID, Sophia released their first CD, entitled ‘Sophia’.  Song list contains many of our favourites, some uplifting songs, some comforting songs, songs with warmth, songs with meaning and beautiful words, songs with challenging harmonies.  Contact the church office to order a CD or a USB.


Trinity’s Resurrection Band plays occasionally throughout the year.  There is no rhyme or reason to when we play or who is in the band.  Members change according to their availability and the occasion.  We provid music leadership for the Christmas Eve 7 p.m. Family Service.  We shared a special song at the Social Action Worship service –  Make this World a Better Place.  A fabulous song of rhythm, acoustics, drums, guitars, bass, vocals, ukuleles, trumpet, saxophone and lots of fun!  The congregation was on their feet, swaying and clapping along, and singing enthusiastically with the band.  The spirit was soaring that morning.

The band gathers a few weeks ahead of the event or worship for which we will provide music leadership.  I think the small time of commitment makes this manageable for people with busy lives.  Members have included:  Denise, Jill,  Lolly, Ken, Chris, Marilyn, Ruth, Joyce, Don, Hank, Dave, Judie, Marie, Katherine, Samantha, Emily, Andrea, Jeff, Heather, and others as needed.


Resurrection Band – November 6th, 2016

resurrection-band-4  resurrection-band-3


Our ukulele group did very well learning how to play and enjoy familiar songs. 

We call ourselves ‘Close Enough’  (that is because most of the chords we don’t play perfectly, but close enough to keep going!)  We are breaking for now;  perhaps some gatherings in the future.