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Trinity United Church in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada


What’s Happening – a long list, read to the end!

‘More than our awesome Sunday Morning Experience!’  Check the list below!

Take a look at the online calendar to find out what’s happening at Trinity United Church.

Month’s Activities:   no activities, no calendar  🙁


Trinity’s Worship services can be streamed from  YouTube 2021:

YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPfx1YTFzPghAF1Eg5Q7-5w

 ~The quality of our streaming is better watching the service through Trinity’s YouTube page~


We are suspending all use of this building as a public facility until further notice because of the COVID 19 pandemic. All gatherings are cancelled including worship and events.

It is also important that we continue to be connected, even if at a distance.  And so:

You can get updates about the status of the building on our website www.trinityunitedgrimsby.ca

We will continue to send email reflections, announcements and updates.

We will ensure that everyone in our congregation is contacted.

We will continue to explore ways we can care for one another.

We may be feeling relieved, worried, uncertain and many other things about this decision. However, know that we are keeping the care of our congregation and our wider community at the forefront.

Some words that Dr. Denise said to me this morning continue to resonate with me: the need to act with tender loving courage.

May we continue to hold one another with care and prayer.


Rev. Donalee Williams


BIBLE STUDY – Thursdays @ 4 p.m. via Zoom.

Bible study led by Donalee.   Zoom invite is found in the weekly bulletin sent through email.  If you haven’t received this, please call the office and a zoom invite will be sent to you.

Horseshoe Falls Regional Council     *****NEW*****

Thank you for your patience during these first ten months of our life as a regional council! We are charting new territory and developing new materials while engaging new staff and leaders. That takes time and we appreciate your understanding that not all details are in place yet.  Of particular interest will be in the information under the tab marked “Community of Faith“. There are two sets of Toolkits available: Pastoral Relations Toolkits and Congregational Support Toolkits. Both have helpful resources. Please take a moment to review these.

The Minutes of meetings can be found under the tab “About”. Hover over Regional Council and the link will appear.

The Staff Contact information is easily available on the site. Additionally, there is a spot where people can sign up to receive the regional council newsletter. Please encourage members of your community of faith to subscribe.

Link to website:   www.hfrcucc.ca

FREE Seniors Exercise Classes @ Trinity – cancel

Wednesday mornings @ 10:30 a.m. FREE exercise classes in Trinity’s Memory Hall for all seniors 60-95.  Each class includes 45 minutes of easy exercise to improve balance, flexibility and strength.  Contact Sherri Miller at 905-768-4488 for more information.  Registration upon arrival at the class.  Do Something Good for Yourself!

Note:  if there is a heat advisory in affect or a snow storm, class is cancelled.


Tuesday Mornings (Weekly) 9 am to 11 am      1. Friendship        2. Pickleball for Beginners        3. Table Tennis           4. Coffee Time      Please contact Ken Estabrooks 905-309-3177 or Ken Pettigrew 905-945-0364 for further details

Prayer Shawl Ministry

We gather every other Friday afternoon to knit/crochet prayer shawls which offer a tangible “hug” to anyone needing comfort. All are welcome to come and knit and join in the lively conversation in our Fellowship Room. There is an abundance of yarn available!


 Pickleball Group membership is now open.   $10/year

Contact:    Please call Joyce Reid for more information:  905-945-5547

What you need  – –  wear running shoes (court shoes are better), T shirt, track pants

Cost —  $2 each day you play



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