Located in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

Trinity United Church in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

Current News at Trinity

Welcome to our Current News Page!

This section will share the most recent news from your Board, from your New Projects Team and Grant Research,  as well as your Trinity Tower and other pertinent surveys.

Please take the time to read each link – this will keep you informed of things happening at Trinity.

Month’s Activities:    no activities, no calendar   🙁

Trinity’s Worship services can be streamed from our YouTube :

YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPfx1YTFzPghAF1Eg5Q7-5w

There will be no Worship services for the month of July.  We will resume live streaming on August 8th at 9:30 a.m.  Services will be held outdoors on the back lawn or resume indoors as conditions allow.


We are suspending all use of this building as a public facility until further notice because of the COVID 19 pandemic. All gatherings are cancelled including worship and events.

It is also important that we continue to be connected, even if at a distance.  And so:

You can get updates about the status of the building on our website www.trinityunitedgrimsby.ca

We will continue to send email reflections, announcements and updates.

We will ensure that everyone in our congregation is contacted.

We will continue to explore ways we can care for one another.

We may be feeling relieved, worried, uncertain and many other things about this decision. However, know that we are keeping the care of our congregation and our wider community at the forefront.

Some words that Dr. Denise said to me this morning continue to resonate with me: the need to act with tender loving courage.

May we continue to hold one another with care and prayer.


Rev. Donalee

Stay connected with Trinity in the following ways:

Trinity United Church Grimsby now has a Tweeter account    twitter.com/GrimsbyTuc

Rev. Donalee Williams and Kimberly Hanmer will be leading worship with the technical skills of William LeGood.
For those who are not on Facebook the video of the service will be posted on Grimsby Trinity’s YouTube page and the audio of the service will be posted on our website.

YouTube Channel is now available. Please Subscribe! Please Share!  www.youtube.com/TUCGrimsby

You can also Join Rev. Donalee on Facebook like Wednesdays and Fridays at 1pm. As well Kimberly will be posting some beautiful music on our Facebook page.  Please join Grimsby Trinity United Church on Facebook, and share as
well! https://www.facebook.com/TUCGrimsby

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPfx1YTFzPghAF1Eg5Q7-5w



Horseshoe Falls Regional Council     *****NEW*****

Thank you for your patience during these first ten months of our life as a regional council! We are charting new territory and developing new materials while engaging new staff and leaders. That takes time and we appreciate your understanding that not all details are in place yet.  Of particular interest will be in the information under the tab marked “Community of Faith“. There are two sets of Toolkits available: Pastoral Relations Toolkits and Congregational Support Toolkits. Both have helpful resources. Please take a moment to review these.

The Minutes of meetings can be found under the tab “About”. Hover over Regional Council and the link will appear.

The Staff Contact information is easily available on the site. Additionally, there is a spot where people can sign up to receive the regional council newsletter. Please encourage members of your community of faith to subscribe.

Link to website:   www.hfrcucc.ca

FREE Seniors Exercise Classes @ Trinity – suspended for COVID

Nursery-friendly area in the Sanctuary –  cushioned floor for soft play area, soft toys for little ones and a couple comfy chairs for adult caregivers.  Welcome to opening hearts worship where young children are welcome.  There is also a staffed nursery for children 3 years and under.

PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY – We gather every other Friday afternoon to knit/crochet prayer shawls which offer a tangible “hug” to anyone needing comfort.  All are welcome to come and knit and join in the lively conversation. There is an abundance of yarn available!

See ‘Events’ Page for all upcoming Trinity events –  Lasagna Dinner;  Pickleball;   Movie Club and more!

See `Faith Growth` for information on Adult Learning Circles, Bible Study and Movie Club.

See ‘Board of Managers and Committee page’ for Board and Committee Approved Minutes.

 Special Features at Trinity:

Wheel chair accessible – yes
Accessible washrooms – yes
Accessible doors – yes
Accessible sanctuary for worship –  yes
Accessible ‘Lift’ to second floor – yes
Change table in Nursery & Washroom – yes
Smoke free – yes
Hearing assistance for worship in Sanctuary & Memory Hall – yes
Parking lot & street parking – yes
Kitchen facilities – yes
Church school for all ages – yes
Visually assisted with projection on screens – yes