Meet the Staff

Ministry of Word, Sacrament, Education and Pastoral Care

Rev. Svinda Heinrichs (Minister)

Rev. Svinda Heinrichs is Trinity’s  Full Time Minister. Svinda describes herself as energetic, creative, accountable, fun, joyful, thoughtful, responsible and musical. Though serious about her ministry and faith, Svinda says she does not take herself too seriously.

In worship Svinda’s goal is to create a space where those gathered, young and old, churched and unchurched, can experience the presence of God. She tries to create a service that helps people let go of their swirling thoughts and worries, and to go deeper through music and prayer to a place where they are open to hearing God in the Word.  We are blessed.

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Music Director – Vacancy

Church Administrators – Jeannine & Karen

 Jeannine VanderBeek

Jeannine has been a member of Trinity United Church’s congregation for many years. You can find her in the church helping with the functions of the Christian Education Committee; including Vacation Bible School in July. Jeannine is a volunteer with FORT in Smithville, and
on Friday nights in the winter, she takes up permanent residence at all Grimsby Peach King home games.  Go Kings!

Karen Havens  (Camera shy)

Karen is very happy to be a part of the Trinity United Church Office since 2011. Karen and Jeannine are now job sharing, working week-about .

Church Bookkeeper – Annette Newton

Annette Newton is a Chartered Accountant who brings a great deal of experience and knowledge to her Trinity position since 2011. Besides holding down other part-time accounting positions, Annette is a busy leader with Sparks and Guides and is very active in her roles at Senator Gibson Public School.  Annette manages to keep Trinity’s finances under control with her experienced guidance for all committee chairs and other people who handle money on behalf of Trinity.



  Custodian/Sexton – William LeGood

William or Bill (answers to both) LeGood grew up in the heart of Niagara, in the small town of Fenwick. After graduating from E.L. Crossley S.S. with his very technical skills, he entered the work force in fabrication/construction/boat building.  After several years, he became interested in the arts and the advertising industry where he relocated to Toronto and enrolled in graphic design at George Brown College majoring in Advertising Design.  He graduated in 1992 and has worked with some of Toronto’s largest advertising agencies over the last twenty five years as an Art Director.

Bill now resides here in Grimsby.  He still freelances and  enjoys acting.  Has had the pleasure of working in television, theatre, movies and commercials.  Since becoming a Trinity member in 2000, he has been actively involved in the youth and church school.

He has always felt right at home at Trinity and it is his aspiration to make everyone feel right at home as well.




Grayson Crompton, Sarah Bennett, Ashley Ferns, Dimitric Melynk

(They provide security and access in the evening.)


Staff From Trinity’s Historic Past to Present


Rev. W.J. Watt

1941 – 1947

Rev A.L. Griffith

1947 – 1950

Rev. R.K. Lemkay

1950 – 1956

Rev. F.R. Gibson

1956 – 1959

Rev. H. Herlihey

1959 – 1968

Rev. Robert W. McLauchlin

1968 – 1981

Pearl Wilson, D.M.

1971 – 1983

Rev. Laurie White

1983 – 1986

Nancy Fraser

1987 – 1989

Rev. Doug Story

1981 – 1989

Rev. Victor H. Fiddes

1989 – 1990

Rev. Ddonald Pipe

1989 – 1990

Rev. Dr. Owen Patterson

1990 – 2001

Rev. Cathy Tovell

1990 – 1996

Rev. Tiina Cote

1996 – 2005

Rev. Joan Adams

1996 – 2005

Rev. Jim Dowden

1990 – 2004

Rev. Ross Routliffe

2004 – 2006

Rev. Eric Bacon

2006 – 2006

Rev. Marilyn Leuty

2006 – 2012

Christina Paradela, D.M.

2006 – 2013

Rev. Svinda Heinrichs

2014 – Present