Board of Management & Committees

Lay people make the ministries of our community work. If you are looking for a community for sharing your faith, your gifts, your skills and to give growth in leadership, come and make us stronger! Contact these folk through the church office.

Current Minutes from Committees and Trinity’s Board :

Board Minutes:      Board Minutes 10-24-2017    Board Minutes- 09-26-2017     Board Minutes May 23

Worship:     Worship Minutes OCT Final   Worship Minutes May 2017   Worship Minutes April 2017

Congregational Life:     Cong Life Minutes Nov 16  Cong Life Minutes Oct 19    Cong Life Minutes Sept 17

Property:      Property Minutes October 12  Property Minutes June 14  Property Minutes May 9

Social Action:     Minutes of Social Action Nov  Social Action Sept. 20, 2017   June Minutes

Christian Education:    CE Minutes – November 15 CE Minutes – October 18, 2017  CE Minutes – September 20

Events:       events-meeting-nov-3rd   Events Meeting Dec 20

{Ministry & Personnel, Trustees & Finance prepare confidential reports}


Rev Svinda Heinrichs    MINISTRY

Ken Pettigrew         CHAIR OF THE BOARD
Vacant                       CHAIR ELECT

Christian Education Committee

Marg Hipkin    CHAIR PERSON
Jeannine VanderBeek

Wayne Brown

Finance Committee

Carolyn Mullins


Peggy Cline

John deJager


Annette Newton





Ministry & Personnel Committee

Don Miller


Jill Linkert

Sue Wetmore

Judy Meldrum


Congregational Life Committee

Joyce Reid


Vivianne Dickinson

Elaine Duffy

Marie Pyper

Deena Errampalli

 BASIC Comfort – Marie Pyper

Card Ministry – Sylvia Howe

Seniors & Shut-in Contact – Pastoral Care Team

Funeral Reception Organizers – Daphne Davis, Jill Howe, Marilyn Gibbins, Liz Goddard, Anne McCloskey, Joyce Reid

Kitchen Supplies – Marg Patkau
Trinity Tower – Chris MacNaughton,  Judie Herbert, Lolly Pettigrew
Pastoral Care Team – Marie Pyper, Daphne Davis, Phillip Harrison, Joyce Reid, Rev. Svinda Heinrichs
Drivers for Seniors – Phillip Harrison, Lolly Pettigrew, Chris MacNaughton, Joyce Reid, Marilyn O’Rourke,  Marie Pyper, Gayle Schaming, Liz Proberts, Judy Meldrum
Trinity Mailing Coordinators – Diane Colpitts, Marg Harrison

Guess Whose Coming For Dinner?   Andrew Piggott, Deena Errampalli
Trinity Peddle Pushers (recreational biking) – Marilyn O’Rourke, Joyce Reid

Pickle Ball (recreational) – Marilyn O’Rourke

Presbytery Representatives

Phil Harrison, Geof Thompson , Vacant, Vacant


 Property Committee

Wayne Brown


Clarence McCloskey

Fred VanderBeek


Social Action Committee

Jane Scholar


Steve Geraedts

Dayle Vraets

Marion Quirk

Ron Veerman


Events Committee

Marilyn O’Rourke and Sandy Zimmerman


Barb Wright

Ken Estabrooks

Lynn Grosvenor

Janine Miranda

Catherine Tompkins

Liz Probert


Worship Committee

Carolyn Westob


Katy Jarvis

Sheila Lake

Marilyn Smith

Geof Thompson

Marilyn O’Rourke – Communion Servers
Diane Colpitts & Margaret Harrison – prepare communion elements
Jeannine Miranda, Hank & Marg Patkau, Ken Pettigrew – decorating

Scripture Reader Co-ordinator – Eleanor Hall
Ushers & Greeters Co-ordinator – Katy Jarvis

Co-ordinator for Clicker Roster – Jane Scholer
Sound Crew – John deJager, Geof Thompson

Worship Planning Team with Rev. Svinda Heinrichs – Eleanor Hall, Lolly Pettigrew, Jane Scholer, Geof Thomson, Carolyn Westoby, Roger Bond

Sanctuary Improvement Team – Ken Pettigrew, Eleanor Hall, Dave Grosvenor, Geof Thompson

Board of Trustees

Svinda Heinrichs – Ex-officio Chair


Elaine Hughes

Bill Wetmore

Pat Mitchell

Dave Grosvenor – Treasurer

Paul Tomlinson

Clare Short


Nominating Committee

Phillip Harrison – Chair


Stewardship Task Force

Sashia Veerman – Chair, Board Rep

Barb Tomlinson

Carolyn Mullins

Dave Grosvenor