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Trinity United Church in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada


Board of Trustees – Memorial Bequests

The Trustees have reorganized the way in which people can bequest memorial donations to Trinity.

From Generation to Generation

Year after year, many of us have responded to the love of God by investing our time, energies and weekly offerings so that Trinity United can offer worship, learning opportunities, Christian fellowship and service. This has been far more than a dutiful response; it has been an act of love. God has blessed us with a heritage of faith which gives us a vision of a vital church which goes beyond our own lifetimes.

Our resources not only reflect our values, they also shape our commitments. Once our basic needs are met, our spending becomes a statement of who we are, of what is in our hearts. This can be regular giving or take the form of a particular gift, such as an endowment, a gift of life insurance, a transfer of investments or buying a United Church Annuity.

Our Wills also reflect our faith, our values, our life commitments. We know Jesus’ words ring true: “for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matt. 6:21)

Our Will not only shows concern for family and others whom we love, but also gives an opportunity to reflect our faith and hope for the future of the Christian community. Because the updating of Wills is infrequent, please consider designating a percentage of your Estate to Trinity.

Designation of Your Funds

Your special gifts, your bequest or your gift of funds through your Will can be designated as follows:

Vision Fund: undesignated bequests or gifts used at the discretion of the Board of Managers

Building Fund: for projects such as rooves, boilers, upgrades and renovations

Program and Ministry Fund: ongoing support to these aspects of Trinity’s work and support new initiatives, programs and equipment

We encourage bequests, endowments and memorial gifts. We hope these funds, listed above, will be helpful to this purpose as you choose where your money will go and to what purpose it will be used… all decided by you.